Beginning Excel 2019 Open Textbook Library

The prose is clear throughout and uses appropriate terminology without being overly jargon-y. The procedures included in the text are both written as step-by-step instructions and demonstrated with well-labeled pictures. The clarity of the text is akin to having a knowledgable and amiable Excel user sitting next to you and helping you figure it out. This text will be an excellent resource for many different disciplines. The construction technology program requires an estimating course for which this text will be very beneficial to beginning students who will need to use excel.

  • By the nature of the book it can be somewhat unclear navigating between text and the actual software on a computer but again that is at no fault to the textbook.
  • I think the book would be useful for an introductory class in Excel or for a supplement in a class using Excel.
  • Modularity, in terms of self-standing sections and subsections, is limited by the need to learn various sub-skills in sequence.
  • The course exercise and instructor demo files consist of 2 .ZIP files.
  • There are downloadable Follow-along Files for the student to practice each skill.

I suggest using a sans-serif font throughout the e-book and also additional font colors in the paragraphs to enhance clarity. Again, spreadsheet software, whether it be Excel or a Google worksheet generally maintain standard functionalities so updating a book such as this should be terribly difficult. The content is based on Excel 2016 which is the most current package. The only issue is that this will need to be reviewed each time a new version of MS Office is released. The visuals are useful in the work, since it can show where to go from time to time.


The step-by-step instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. The content includes screenshot examples and skill refresher and lesson videos which add value to the overall comprehensiveness of the content. The textbook does not cover working with tables which is a required components of our curriculum.

Most, though not quite all, terms and jargon are explained. The clearly-labeled screenshots help immensely with the clarity. The book is very accurate and this reviewer found no errors. The text is divided into smaller reading sections within each chapter which could easily be pulled out and used independently.

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The directions are simple and easy to follow, but lack a degree of interest. Completing the material for long periods at a time could lead to a lack of focus on the part of the student. The comprehensive Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons nature of the text compensates for this issues and would interest the motivated student. The lack of cultural integration in the text does not detract from the skills performed by the student.

  • The students however need to be reminded that as the version of Excel changes, the pictures of actual pulldown menus or tabs might look different.
  • I think this book is extremely clear and how it is written and in how the material is laid out.
  • This is particularly important to students who need to upgrade their Excel skill set in parallel with handling coursework for which Excel is a necessary support.
  • Personally, I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts, and this book does a great job of presenting keyboard shortcuts throughout the book.

If we have made an error or published misleading information, we will correct or clarify the article. If you see inaccuracies in our content, please report the mistake via this form. The video and data file links did not work in the current copy of the book in This would need to be fixed in order for the book to be useable in our classes. Every section has Learning Objectives, Skill Refreshers, Key Takeaways, and Multiple Choice Exercises at the end of each section. At the end of each chapter, there are three levels of skills review and a Level 2 test. The content is straightforward and without bias or opinion.

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The sections are presented in a logical order and items are easy to find within specific categories. It is writing in plain language which is easy to understand. Microsoft Excel updates on a trend every three years. It usually takes most businesses/schools a few years before they fully adapt to a newer version.

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