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At Financior Accountancy Ltd, we are more than just numbers. We are a team of dedicated professionals who believe in transforming financial data into valuable insights. With a strong foundation of expertise and experience, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive accounting, tax, and financial solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to accuracy and transparency is unwavering – every report and analysis is subject to meticulous review before it reaches you. As a forward-thinking firm, we continually invest in our team’s development, ensuring that we stay current with industry trends and changes in tax regulations. Our mission is clear: to empower individuals and businesses with the knowledge and strategies they need to thrive in today’s complex financial landscape. Discover the difference that a client-focused, knowledgeable, and innovative accounting partner can make. 

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Qualified Team – providing you with exceptional service

Our team of accountants boasts both qualifications and extensive experience in the field of accountancy. We place a strong emphasis on upholding quality control procedures, ensuring that all work undergoes meticulous review for accuracy and completeness. This commitment ensures that the reports we deliver to you are a testament to our dedication to precision, instilling complete confidence in the accuracy of your financial data.

Furthermore, our dedication to excellence drives us to continually invest in resources for ongoing professional development. This proactive approach ensures that our team remains well-versed in the latest industry practices and remains abreast of any changes in tax laws. By keeping ourselves up-to-date, we guarantee that the services we provide are not only current but also aligned with the best practices of the industry.

At our core, we are committed to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. Our team’s proficiency, combined with our unwavering commitment to improvement, ensures that we consistently deliver services that add significant value to your financial operations. 

Our Team

Tayyab Ahsan (FCCA) (ACA) - Elevating Financial Excellence

Tayyab Ahsan is a distinguished Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and a seasoned consultant, having honed his skills with a prominent big four firm. With an extensive career spanning over 8 years, Tayyab stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of accounting and consultancy.

Combining his solid consulting background with a wealth of experience in Accounting, Finance, Risk, and compliance spanning 15 years, Tayyab brings a unique and comprehensive perspective to the table. Notably, his consultancy prowess thrives within the dynamic UK market, where he adeptly manages a diverse array of services catering to a wide spectrum of clients.

At the core of his approach lies an unwavering commitment to client service. Tayyab envisions a better working world by seamlessly integrating into our clients’ journeys, transcending the conventional roles of business accounting, tax, and auditing. His vision extends to encompass proactive business advisory services, positioning his clients for holistic growth.

Tayyab’s philosophy is simple yet profound – he aspires to evolve alongside his clients. This symbiotic relationship ensures that as his clients flourish, so does his practice. It’s not just about providing exceptional service; it’s about fostering a synergistic partnership that propels both his clients and his own practice towards excellence.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tayyab’s passion extends to nurturing careers. He has taken the mantle of coaching and guiding students and professionals from esteemed institutions like Greenwich University and individuals within the industry.

Should you wish to reach out, Tayyab’s email is info@financior.co.uk.

Embodying the ethos of exceptional service, Tayyab Ahsan remains resolute in his mission to elevate financial practices and contribute to a more prosperous business landscape.

Shumaila Farooqui (FCCA)

Shumaila embarked on her illustrious professional journey at Ernst and Young, where she began her career. With a remarkable trajectory spanning over a decade, she has made impactful strides in Assurance, Advisory, Accounting, and Finance services. Her diverse expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, not-for-profits, wholesale, water desalination plants, distribution, retail, and professional services.

Within this array of industries, Shumaila has cultivated a profound specialization in nonprofit organizations. Her dedication to understanding the unique intricacies of this sector sets her apart and positions her as an invaluable asset.

Shumaila’s wealth of experience forms the bedrock upon which she serves her clients. She has an unwavering commitment to delving deep into the client’s specific goals and objectives. This commitment ensures that her approach is not only tailored but also aligned with her clients’ aspirations.

In her pursuit of excellence, Shumaila’s ethos is rooted in building meaningful relationships with her clients. With every engagement, she aspires to provide insights that transcend mere solutions, making a tangible impact on their success.

The convergence of Shumaila’s extensive background, specialized knowledge, and unwavering commitment culminates in a professional poised to not only meet but exceed her clients’ expectations.



Briselda Shpata (MSc.)

Briselda Shpata’s passion for mathematics, business, and finances traces its origins to her childhood. During those early years, she demonstrated a keen interest in calculating profits for her father’s construction business and meticulously counting money by hand. This enthusiasm continued to flourish throughout her high school years, influencing her decision to pursue a natural sciences profile. As she progressed through university, where she studied economics, her passion for these fields only deepened.

Upon completing her economics degree, Briselda recognized the importance of diversification and decided to pursue a master’s degree in accounting and audit. This pivotal choice set her on a trajectory towards her aspiration of becoming a chartered accountant, a goal she pursues with unwavering determination. Looking ahead, Briselda envisions a full tax course as the logical next step to further refine her expertise.

Briselda’s journey in accounting began in 2013 when she entered the industry as an assistant accountant at a shopping mall. In this role, she skillfully prepared sales invoices, managed bills in the accounting system, handled VAT and payroll, generated comprehensive management reports, and effectively oversaw receivables and payables. Her dedication to the organization’s financial well-being was evident as she actively engaged in debt management discussions with external parties, consistently displaying meticulous due diligence.

As her career progressed, Briselda transitioned into the role of an accountant for a construction project. Here, she adeptly processed sales invoices, managed bills, filed VAT returns, and skillfully oversaw payroll. Notably, her contributions extended to establishing comprehensive cost reports for the entire company, showcasing her analytical prowess.

Briselda’s professional journey led her to Central London’s practice environment, marking a pivotal phase in her career. Joining Fairman Harris at an entry-level position, she efficiently handled tasks such as bookkeeping, VAT, CIS returns, payroll, and management accounts. Her remarkable capabilities quickly led to a well-deserved promotion, expanding her responsibilities to encompass annual accounts, corporation tax, personal tax, and even elements of audit. Her time at Goldblatts Limited further refined her skills, propelling her professional development to new heights.

Known for her technical excellence, quick thinking, and clever problem-solving abilities, Briselda’s amiable nature facilitates effective communication and collaboration with colleagues and clients alike. She stands as a witty accountant poised to bring substantial value to any team she joins.

For inquiries, Briselda Shpata can be reached at Briselda@financior.co.uk or through M:+447309653513

Her anticipation to contribute to the success of others is palpable

Zunera Imam (BSC) ( ACCA) (AFA) (MIPA)

Zunera holds the distinction of being a Qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with a BSc Honors degree. Currently, she is dedicatedly pursuing her Certified Tax Adviser qualification, demonstrating her commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry’s evolving landscape.

Her professional journey has seen her thrive in esteemed accounting firms across London. There, she skillfully managed a diverse clientele comprising small and medium-sized businesses, leveraging her extensive experience to offer a comprehensive array of accounting and tax services.

With a track record marked by excellence, Zunera is steadfast in her pursuit of delivering top-tier professional services. Her dedication is not only evident through timely completion but also in surpassing client expectations. She understands that the key to client satisfaction lies in not only meeting but consistently exceeding their needs.

At the core of her ethos lies an unwavering commitment to providing nothing short of exceptional service. Zunera’s priority is to empower her clients with financial solutions that are not only accurate but also strategically aligned with their goals.

To connect with Zunera or learn more about her services, please reach out at zunera@financior.co.uk  or call at +447492068568. For her, the provision of outstanding service is not just a goal; it’s her unwavering pledge.

Hassan Imran serves as the driving force behind our marketing initiatives, meticulously crafting and executing strategies that propel our company’s presence to new heights. His profound expertise lies in translating innovative concepts into impactful advertising campaigns that resonate with our target audience. With an innate sense of aesthetics, Hassan infuses his creations with an artistic flair that captivates and engages.

His enthusiasm is boundless, matched only by his unwavering commitment to excellence. Through his dynamic leadership, he not only envisions but actualizes comprehensive advertising projects, injecting a burst of creativity and energy into every endeavor. With a keen eye for detail, he orchestrates the design and production of various promotional materials, ranging from visually stunning websites to compelling brochures.

Crucially, Hassan Imran is our brand identity’s guardian, ensuring that all promotional materials harmoniously align with our distinct ethos. His proficiency in balancing the artistic with the strategic is a testament to his exceptional skill set. As the guardian of our marketing realm, Hassan continually propels us forward, infusing every campaign with innovation, aesthetic finesse, and an indomitable spirit.


Shumyila Imam (BBA) (MBA) (LLB)

Shumyila Imam is a Versatile Professional Bridging Law, Business, and Accounting.

In the realm of modern professionals who effortlessly traverse diverse fields, there shines an individual who embodies the essence of versatility and expertise. Meet Shumyila, a dynamic individual who has not only harnessed the power of three distinct academic disciplines but has seamlessly woven them together in her professional journey.

With an LLB that forms the bedrock of her legal acumen, Shumyila’s journey into the intricate world of business began. Undeterred by boundaries, she furthered her knowledge with an MBA in Human Resource Management, a testament to her commitment to understanding the heart of organizations—the people that drive them. Her thirst for knowledge and innovation was not quenched, leading her to achieve a BBA in Marketing, enhancing her capacity to perceive the pulse of markets and consumer behavior.

Shumyila’s career, a testament to her remarkable adaptability, finds her in the realms of an accounting firm. Here, her multidimensional expertise isn’t just an asset but a bridge connecting diverse aspects of law, business, and financial management. Her ability to dissect intricate legal frameworks, complemented by a deep understanding of human dynamics within organizations, paints a picture of a professional who sees beyond the surface.

As an adept problem solver, Shumyila harnesses the power of her unique background to offer comprehensive insights that aren’t confined to traditional silos. She understands that the world of today’s professionals is interconnected, where the intersection of different disciplines often holds the key to unlocking innovative solutions.

Shumyila’s journey stands as a testament to the fact that true expertise knows no bounds. Her LLB, MBA in Human Resource Management, and BBA in Marketing are more than mere degrees—they are facets of her character, each contributing to a holistic understanding of the world around her. In her role at an accounting firm, Shumyila exemplifies the spirit of a modern professional, embodying adaptability, expertise, and the courage to traverse uncharted territories.

As we delve deeper into Shumyila’s experiences and insights, we are bound to unearth a treasure trove of wisdom that stems from a journey that defies convention and embraces the extraordinary.

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