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I’m a 45-year-old guy with a top sex drive.
has been a problem for my lover – unless cocaine was actually involved, in which case she had been well into it. It ended getting something when she wished children but ever since then we have had sex 1.8 times a year. Now she dislikes the woman post-babies human anatomy, and sex for her has become therefore “grin and keep it” that I just can not do so more. We’ve experimented with different therapy techniques with each other. I love my personal young ones but eventually We’ll have an affair. I can’t stand my personal sexless existence. Any some ideas?

I am sorry concerning the strong pain you are in over this. Your lover was after her individual path to improvement and mental recovery but she nevertheless demands assistance with the woman body-image issues (which trigger lowered desire). There you’ll be useful by assisting to increase her feeling of herself as an appealing, gorgeous woman, instead a mother with bad self-esteem who isn’t capable kindly you. Provide confidence and compliments and try wooing the girl on no-kids “dates”.

You are experiencing shut out about the woman psychological struggles. Discover main reasons why she made use of cocaine, and main reasons she needed it for arousal in earlier times, and when she thought secure to fairly share several of those reasons to you it may cause higher closeness – supplied you react with concern. Make an effort to talk to her – and listen.

Also tell the woman the despair and pain concerning circumstance, but be cautious to get it done in a non-blaming style, and do not threaten an affair can be an excellent choice to possess lovers guidance, however you really need much more.


Pamela Stephenson Connolly is actually a clinical psychologist together with her very own rehearse in Beverly Hills.

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