2014: The Year in Review + Top 64 articles, & Passing the Torch | women Chase

2014: the entire year in adam4adam reviews + Top 64 articles, & Passing the Torch | babes Chase

The year’s design to a detailed, and like we performed

this past year now

, i would ike to test this current year’s top posts… in both my personal modest opinion, and by the interest from feedback and social shares.

2014 saw 268 articles (really, 270, including this option and Cody’s part on meeting ladies on New Year’s that increases tomorrow) compiled by 15 various members (several with singular to 3 articles, however, many with a whole lot more). Leading the cost had been:

  • Hector Castillo
    ‘s 4 articles on obtaining women in college additionally the energy of ‘alone’

  • Darius Belejevas
    ‘s 5 posts on gorgeous clothing for summer time and wintertime alike

  • Halvor Jannike
    ‘s 6 scribings on revamping the mind and strategy

  • Drexel Scott
    ‘s 7 pieces on attitudes toward females being men

  • J.J. Jones
    ‘s 7 articles on making things happen quickly and getting them intimate

  • Ross Leon
    ‘s 15 articles on getting your mind correct and receiving ladies purchased in

  • Cody Lyans
    ‘s 24 meditations on getting fascinating, sexy, and passionate

  • Alek Rolstad
    ‘s 33 parts on fast sex, sex, and cultural norms

  • Colt Williams
    ‘s 49 posts on ladies minds, cougars, and then level seduction

  • And my (
    Chase Amante
    ‘s) 112 posts on mindsets, seduction, and connections

… and additionally a contribution apiece from
Eric Reeves
, Ethan Fierre, Robert Hortzclaw, and Sarah Williams (that finally not too popular), and two from may Legend.

(the author website links above connect to each copywriter’s catalog of articles)

In addition, i will make use of this blog post to talk about strategies for females Chase your New Year, and what you are able be prepared to see this 2015 – we are going to do this at the bottom, after the post review right here.

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